Edward Walsh in Charmes, France
The 242nd

After basic training, the organization of the battalion remained the same for the entire war.

An artillery battalion is organized in "batteries" instead of "companies." The 242nd was organized in Camp White .The men were assigned to their respective batteries and few changes were made thereafter.

There were three firing batteries, A, B, C, each with aprox 100 men,and four 105mm Howitzers. Each battery had a motorpool, and a mess hall in camp or a mess truck in combat with all the baking and cooking done for these 100 men. Each battery was commanded by a Captain, 1st Lieutenant, 2 Second Lts. and a full set of sgts and cpls.

Hdqtrs & Hdqtrs Battery contained the Commanding Officers, communications and fire direction. Our first commander for about 2 months was Major Goodrich, followed by Major Brownlow.(later promoted to Lt. Col.).

Service Battery, again about 100 men, supplied all food, ammunition, clothing, all supplies, including gasoline for all the command cars, jeeps, trucks.

I was assigned to A Battery where I remained all through the war.  Click on the list of batteries at left to see the names of the men and their hometowns in each section.
(Names and hometowns from official 242nd "Memoirs)

Thanks to Carol Wilcox for volunteering to list  242nd members on the WWII Memorial Registry.

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